Monday, October 22, 2012

Simon's birthday (a little late)

So yes, Simon turned 2 in May and it is now October.  However, better late than never (Mommy always says).

 Simon wanted a pinata for his birthday...shaped like a chicken.  Here he is helping Mommy with it.
 And here Jonah and I are holding this giant bird.
 Simon was pleased!
 He also wanted a penguin cake.  This was much easier for Mommy than the pinata.

 This was one tough pinata...
 I thought the head was funny!
 I even took a whack at it!
 Jonah found this caterpillar instead of hitting the pinata.
 All of our friends took turns...
 Until finally...
 We busted that thing open!

 After all that hard work, we were ready for cake!

 Except for Clarity...she was ready for a nap!
Since Simon has his party before his birthday, we did another cake for him on his birthday.

 It was yummy!
 Then it was present time!
 He loved his new shark puppet.

 We both helped our little bro with his gifts.
 Later on, Simon played with some of his new toys with Tulo...

 He wasn't as amused as Simon was but he also didn't wake up.
 The best present Simon got was his car bed.  It is awesome!

We should have birthdays more often around here!

Jonah's birthday

We had a great time at Jonah's birthday party!  We can't believe he is four already!
 Jonah shares his birthday with our friend Timothy and so we had their parties together.
 Timothy really dug his first bites of cake!

 So Jonah's birthday cake was huge because he wanted Lightening McQueen and Thomas the Tank engine on it.

 We were happy for him to blow out the candles (especially his friend, Edith:)
 Here is Jonah's cake, pre-cutting...
 The weather cooperated with us a lot!

 The world's most adorable train...

 Birthday buddies

 This is what was left of the cake!
I can't believe that Jonah is 4 already!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We're married

Today, while Mommy was working in the yard, Jonah decided that he should be married.  He learned about weddings from Uncle Isaac and Aunt Aly's wedding.

We asked Jonah what is happening in this picture and he said, "That's part of the dancing part."  (Notice the white blanket from his hat...)
We'll let the videos tell the rest of the story.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A baseball family

Jonah loves baseball.  After all the time he has spent playing baseball, playing with baseball toys, looking at baseball books, watching baseball movies...the rest of us have started to catch on how much fun baseball can be.  Here we are last Sunday in the backyard...
 Simon was excited to be playing ball
 Nice hit Jonah
 I wanted to be the catcher
Mommy says we are all getting big!

 Now Jonah is being the catcher
 The classic dilemma...thumb or bat.

 Simon is a great cheerleader!
 We decided that Daddy needed to be the catcher too!

Simon catching the ball.